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“Tom has taught me for the last year, and I have seen more improvement in the last year than I have in the last 20!! He has an exceptional ability for identifying where you need to improve to aid the horse, and manages to explain the point simply, so that it is easily understood. Tom has an excellent eye for a horse, and has helped me find my current horse, who is proving to be a superstar. Tom has ultimate patience, and never rushes a lesson to finish, if the task is not completed satisfactorily. I have also entrusted my daughter to Tom’s teaching, and he has brought out the best in her, and has completely connected at her level. She has ultimate confidence in him.
In summary, Tom is totally motivated and committed to get the best out of each horse and rider – everyone is a different case, and his teaching is tailored to each client. I cannot rate him highly enough.”
Clare Wood

Tom Searle has been teaching both my daughter and me regularly for over a year. With Tom’s help and encouragement  my daughter,  aged 23 and a full time university student has, in the space of 18 month, taken her 6 year old from BE 90 to Novice with several placings including  2 wins, a 2nd and a 3rd at BE 100 level . The success at BE 100 level was made even more sweet by the fact that it was after Tom’s help with XC schooling that she went from elimination to 1st in the space of 5 weeks. She is hoping to do a CCI* next year

As for myself (a lady well beyond the age when I should have hung up my boots) Tom not only found  me the perfect horse but has got me doing BE 90s and is even suggesting I go one step further! As well as private lessons I have been taught by Tom in groups including at riding club camp These groups are always tremendous fun and whatever your ability he manages to give you the confidence to go one step further . Tom has a great sense of humour as well as the patience of a saint!
If all this sounds too good to be true I suggest you go and see for yourself – you won’t be disappointed.

Sandy Chase

"Tom has helped me find buyers for my 3 horses, including the sale of What Law a Novice Horse to Leslie Law in the USA. Mill Law has recently been placed 1st, 5th and 6th at Intermediate Horse Trials and has also been placed 6th CIC ** and 10th CCI **"

Alex Whewall Event Rider

"I can't recommend Tom highly enough! After having spent years terrified of the show jumping phase, we have gone from just being pleased to get through it regardless of the poles rolled in the process, to serious competitors qualifying for the grass roots regional final! I have trained with lots of different people trying to find a way to get on top of my show jumping phobia without success. I never seemed to be able to come away with a 'system' that I could stick to and know would work for me every time on every horse. I just ended up confused trying to use a bit of everything - seemingly all the wrong bits! I can't believe the change even after only a few lessons. I always knew in theory that you need the right canter to be able to jump and the jumps will then take care of themselves, but what Tom gave me was a true feel for it. He has given me so much confidence by getting the basics in place first that I no longer have any nerves before I jump and I'm loving it! I'm totally amazed that after all these years Tom could make such a difference to me. He's got me so confident and motivated that I've even started eventing my dressage horse! I can't wait for my jumping lessons each week which are always fun and challenging, and enjoy the show jumping phase just as much as the rest of it now."

Carol Lovelock Advanced Dressage Rider and BE 1OO competitior

"Tom is an exceptional coach who manages to instill both the technical knowledge and confidence in all he teaches to enable them to reach their aims and ambitions at whatever level they are competing. Tom’s democratic style of teaching means he works with riders to enable them to understand issues or problems areas they may be facing in order to find workable solutions for them to work through. His holistic approach provides an all round learning experience for horse and rider with significant support and enjoyment along the way. For me personally Tom’s help has been invaluable in getting my tricky inexperienced youngster to now competing confidently at pre novice within a year. A lesson with Tom is an investment in you and your horses progression and improvement for the future!"

Justine Naylor National Director of Sport (British Showjumping)

"Tom is an excellent trainer he has helped me this year with my horse and given me so much confidence. I have done my first ODE on her and finished 2nd which was my goal this year. Tom also competed her at her first BE event and jumped double clear and was placed. I am a very happy pupil and owner."

Lea Hemmens Member of KVRC

"Tom teaches KVRC and is very innovative in his lessons. His versatile teaching copes well with the nervous rider right through to the very confident. Tom's clinics are very popular and everyone comes away happy."

Jill Beck Organiser of KVRC Rallies

"Thanks to the team for such a speedy sale of Riley. I think a 3 week turn-around including advertising, viewing, vetting and collection was exceptional service!!"

Melissa Orritt, Feb 2010, BHS II Lecturer at Merrist Wood Equine College

"Over the past year I have bought and sold horses through Tom. He always provides a reliable and professional service. I would recommend him to any potential buyers or sellers."

Pixie Thomas, May 2010, Event Rider

"I bought a decent young horse (DDAY VANT PLATANENHOF) off Tom for an American friend of mine, he was a fab mover and jumper and is now based with 4 star rider Philip Dutton. I would recommend Tom Searle as a rider and he is very good at preparing horses for sale."

Lucinda Green

"After 6 weeks and countless horses tried, I was at my wits end trying to find that perfect eventing horse that ticked all the boxes. Luckily, I found a beautiful horse called Doris that Tom was selling on behalf of a client.

Tom was very professional and extremely accommodating, even allowing me to watch them compete at Broadway for her 1st affiliated event. I visited Tom 3 times to ensure Doris was the one and he was more than helpful and never pushy.

Doris was just as Tom described and more! He has a wonderful way with training horses to bring out their true potential.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tom to any potential buyers."

Nicol Nee

"Thanks to Tom for making such a fab job with Doris, she was sold to first customer to view her. I would recommend Tom if you were looking to buy or sell a horse."

Deberoh Cox

"Tom agreed to take on Tyberlina, my 10 year old brood mare who had not been ridden for 5 years. She was purchased for use as a brood mare as she had been wild and unrideable as a dressage horse. Three foals and 5 years later we decided to try and bring her back into work. With Tom's patience, time, consistency and skill as a rider she has exceeded all our expectations and is beginning to prove herself as a potential quality event horse. Thank you Tom."

Carolyn Taylor

"Tom found Robbistown Halll for my daughter back in August, we were looking for something she could do some Pony Club and British Eventing on and he is absolutely perfect! Tom continues to give her lessons on him and as a result has been placed well at Intro and PN level, hoping to do some JRN at the end of the season."

Louise Mills

"I bought Mabel from Tom last July. He was totally honest about her abilities and temperament and at no stage did I feel under any pressure to purchase. Mabel is a really lovely horse and I have had lots of fun and success with her. I would thoroughly recommend Tom to any buyer."

Alison Goulstone, BHS II

"I was in despair at the thought of trying to sell my horse with a family, no arena and not wanting to show the horse off myself. I gave my horse to tom and in three weeks he had sold her and i had the money in my account. Since selling her tom has started to teach the whole of my family he is always highly motivated and wants them to succeed. I would recommend Tom Searle to anyone wanting lessons or wanting to sell their horse, It was a five star service."

Joanne Davies

"Even though I am based in Stroud, I happily travel the hour and a half each way for lessons with Tom. Although there are many local instructors in my area, none have clicked or pushed me to aim higher than Tom.

I've had lessons with Tom weekly for almost 2 years now, and have come on leaps and bounds. After finding my horse, a 16 hh Irish sports horse, for me, it's been non-stop. This year alone we have been placed in the top twelve 6 times at unaffiliated one day events, going on to complete our first ever British Eventing event in July.

Tom has managed to get our dressage scores down from 52 last April, to achieving 30.5 in June. Nothing is too much hassle, and he's always more than happy to get on and show me what it is I need to do. His teaching techniques are easy to understand, get the results and can easily be used away from lessons.

It's easy for me to say that before I met Tom, I was ready to quite happily give up riding, and could never in a million years see myself Eventing. I go to every show jumping, dressage or cross-country clinics that I physically can, and always come away ready for the next.  Nothing is ever too much, and he always understands when there are problems, and what to do to fix them."

Chloe Griffiths



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